Price list

Price list of Faktury Online

without sign-up


no need to register

no ads and watermarks

save your invoices to PDF

within sign-up


data autocomplete

speedy, fuss-free invoicing

lists of clients and companies

lists of documents

send invoices by email

export lists to Excel


invoices in foreign languages

custom logos and stamps

Faktury Online API


paid version

3,00 € /month

First year free

The first year of use is free of charge, thereafter an annual fee of 36,00 EUR incl. VAT (30,00 excl. VAT) is payable for the following annual period.

Free access for everyone:
Invoices unlimited
Cash receipts unlimited
Price quotes, delivery notes, orders unlimited
Custom types of documents unlimited
Number of companies issuing invoices unlimited
Records of clients unlimited
Records of items unlimited
Exports to Excel  
Bulk download  
Price variations for items  
Automatic numbering  
Tagging of documents  
Multi-user access unlimited
Faktury Online API  
Logo and signature  
Free access for everyone 1 year
Free access for non-profit organizations unlimited
Extra additional services in the account
Backup and Archive
The Backup and Archive service will help keep your account data safe from unexpected events
  7,20 € / year
Email and Sending
The Email and Sending service will allow you to customize emails sent from Faktury Online
  7,20 € / year
Extra Documents
The Extra Documents service allows creating additional types of documents in Faktury Online, such as an order form, handover protocol, and work journal.
  14,40 € / year
The Automation service allows automatic and regular creation of documents based on a pattern and defined rules.
  7,20 € / year
    Prices are listed including 20% VAT